"Catch It - Keep It" For Discovery Science Channel

The Object of the Show: Contestants have to do a build to
protect the prize... if they succeed, they keep the prize.

The Episode: A living room is built and in it is a complete
X-Box 360 with all the bells and whistles. A car will be launched
off a 6-foot ramp at the game system at 40 MPH...

The Job: Rig 3 cars to do a 40 mile-per-hour jump...
and hit a pre-determined mark... every time.

The Challenge: There will be nobody behind the wheel.

Tiller Set-Up   Steering Tiller  
Steering Tiller rigged to release the car at the top of the ramp.

Test Jump   Test Jump
A couple of test jumps...

Show Demo Jump
Demo Jump For The Cameras...

Demo Jump
Right On the Mark!

The "Living Room" With the X-Box 360... AKA "The Target"

Watch the Promo Below: (Car Jumps Are At 1:50)

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